about me

Hi, I’m Narelle, and I live in Perth, Western Australia with my husband, Darren, and our fur baby, Matilda (affectionately known as Poops, Poo Pants or The Pooper).

Along with hubby, I am always thinking about our next adventure or place to visit. My work in a private investment company helps to fund our desire to travel the world in search of good food, good coffee, good wine and good people.

In my spare time, I dabble in photography, wine appreciation, stand up paddle boarding and Pilates. I’m always on the lookout for new and interesting places to travel to and new eating + drinking digs, my “must visit” list is ever-growing. Reading is another favourite pastime and it is not uncommon for me to retreat into my private book world and read for hours on end.

When it comes to travelling, I love to research, research and research some more. I’m a planner and I have no idea how people organised their holidays before the internet! The deal with hubby is that I plan and he carries the bags – it’s a match made in heaven.

I would like to be one of those people who just throw a dart at a map and go. Sadly, that is not me. Once we decide on a new place to visit I start researching (I think I enjoy this part as much as the actual experiencing part). I read blogs, trip reviews and press articles. By the time our trip rolls around I will have a number on contingencies in place and a folder full of information.

I decided to start ‘made up of moments’ as not only as a creative outlet but to also journal snippets of moments in my life that people may enjoy reading about. And perhaps one day I can show my children and grandkids what I got up to and hopefully inspire them to expand their own horizons.

For those reading my blog I hope you will find some inspiration and some practical pointers on planning your own adventures and I also hope you will share yours with me.

So welcome to made up of moments. Grab a drink, get comfy and stay a while.