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Who I am



Hi, I’m Narelle, and I live in Perth, Western Australia with my husband (aka The Man), and our furbaby, Matilda (affectionately known as Poops, Poo Pants or The Pooper).

Along with The Man, I am always thinking about our next adventure or place to visit. My work in a private investment company helps to fund our desire to travel the world in search of good food, good coffee, good wine, and good people.


What makes me tick


In my spare time, I dabble in photography, wine appreciation, stand up paddle boarding and Pilates. I’m always on the lookout for new and interesting places to travel to and new eating + drinking digs, my “must visit” list is ever-growing. Reading is another favourite pastime and it is not uncommon for me to retreat into my private book world and read for hours on end.

When it comes to travelling, I love to research, research and research some more. I’m a planner and I have no idea how people organised their holidays before the internet! The deal with The Man is that I plan and he carries the bags – it’s a match made in heaven.

I would like to be one of those people who just throw a dart at a map and go. Sadly, that is not me. Once we decide on a new place to visit I start researching (I think I enjoy this part as much as the actual experiencing part). I read blogs, trip reviews, and press articles. By the time our trip rolls around, I will have a number of contingencies in place and a folder full of information.


for the love of it


I decided to start ‘made up of moments’ as not only as a creative outlet but to also journal snippets of moments in my life that people may enjoy reading about. And perhaps one day it will hopefully inspire someone to expand their own horizons.

For those reading my blog I hope you will find some inspiration and some practical pointers on planning your own adventures and I also hope you will share yours with me.

So welcome to made up of moments. Grab a drink, get comfy and stay a while.

Upcoming travel adventures

I always try to have at least one upcoming travel adventure in the mix. I find it helps to have something to look forward to get me through my work days.

So far we have the following travel holidays being planned:

🌟 Sydney – May 2019

🌟 Tasmania + Melbourne – September 2019 (this is a special holiday we’re organising to celebrate my Dad’s 70th birthday)

🌟 Brisbane – October 2019 – to celebrate a very special couple’s nuptials.

🌟 United States – September 2020 (another special holiday as The Man and I will be celebrating my 40th and our 10 year anniversary!)

 We are hoping to slot in a few weekends in south-west Western Australia and perhaps Melbourne or Sydney (good news, Sydney is in).

travel wishlist

It’s always hard to try and narrow down our next holiday. There’s just so many places to visit, both new and old. For now, my current wishlist is:

✈️ Bordeaux and the French Riviera, France

✈️ Uluru, Norther Territory

✈️ Hunter Valley wine region, New South Wales

✈️ Mosel and Rhine river cruise at Christmas




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